The Global Alliance for Historical Truth (GAHT) Official HP
(歴史の真実を求める世界連合会 日本語公式HPリンク)


  This corporation has been established with the aim of improving and correcting 
the understanding of the history of the Second World War as related to Japan, 
and thus maintaining the honor of Japan and Japanese people. 
Its activities are made possible with the support of many ordinary Japanese people.

Support our activities through Donation
 GAHT will engage in public relations activities through publishing books and articles, 
broadcast,and lectur
es. Besides, it will wage a legal battle based on the laws in the United States 
to remove the comfort woman statue in the city of Glendale, publicize the 
historical truth in the course of the trial, and elucidate fictitiousness of 
the “military comfort women” myth, while clarifying that installation of 
the comfort woman statue in the city violates the U.S. constitution, 
or infringes upon the power of the federal government, thus calling for its removal. 

It is expected that this lawsuit will be fairly costly and long-term; therefore, 
valuable donation of any amount would be highly appreciated. We are most grateful 
for your support.

Donation by Bank Transfer
   Account Name: Rekishi no shinjitsu no kai kifukin koza 
  Account Number: Branch No.257, ordinary savings account (Futsu Yokin Koza) 0421906 

   Account Name: Rekishi no shinjitsu no kai kifukin koza 
   Account Number: 00180-0-292163
 It is possible to transfer fund to either account. 
Sakuranohana shuppan is temporarily cooperating until the NPO status is approved for GAHT;
 once the NPO is officially established, the account will be completely transferred to 
a dedicated account of GAHT. 

Donation by Cheque 
within the U.S. Addressed to: GAHT-US Corporation
 Send to:  GAHT-US Corporation     1223 Wilshire Blvd, #613, Santa Monica, CA 90403

Tax Reduction 
For tax-payers to the U.S.Government, 
GAHT-US Corporation is registered as 
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Contributions to the corporation are 
tax-deductible to the extent permitted
by law.
GAHT's Employer Identification Number 
for the reduction is 46-4768503.  

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