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(歴史の真実を求める世界連合会 日本語公式HPリンク)

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Nazi War Crimes & Japanese Imperial Government Records
Interagency Working Group
Final Report to the United States Congress April 2007

Attached to U.S. Army Forces India-Burma Theater Japanese Prisoner of
War Interrogation Report No. 49

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women
Consideration of the seventh and eighth periodic reports
(February 16, 2016, Geneva)
(Summary of remarks by Mr. Shinsuke Sugiyama, Deputy Minister for
Foreign Affairs
in the Question and Answer session)

Brief Chronological Description of the Comfort Woman Issue

What is the "Comfort Women Issue?"

Comfort Women Not Sex Slaves but Prostitutes
Looking into Historical Evidence

China’s Grand Stratagem to Take Over US World Hegemony: What China
Proposed to Putin

“Who Forced Them Become Comfort Women?” 
Excerpt from Liberty Times dated 11 July 2015

CCPR Chairperson Sir Nigel RODLEY 16 July, 2014

Yoshihisa Komori of Japan's Sankei Shinbun newspaper being interviewed
on the comfort women issue for the PBS series Foreign Exchange

Japanese rule of the Korean Peninsula By Masanori Mizuma

Who defames the Comfort Women ?

The Truth about Comfort Women

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