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about GAHT
Purpose of Establishment of GAHT
Today, activities to disgrace the honor of Japan are vigorously carried out in various parts of the world.
 These activities are often done by spreading fabricated history convenient
to one's nation to damage the honor of Japan and the Japanese people, claiming that Japan is a brutal,
villainous state.
If the neighboring nations directly confront Japan, she could consider a response
in an appropriate manner; however, they now expand intense Japan-bashing involving
many English-speaking countries including the United States.
 As a result, even ordinary Americans have started to believe that Japanese are
abnormally cruel, inhumane people. 

 Under this circumstance, we have established GAHT in order to send out to
the world historical interpretation based on factual evidences to clear misunderstanding,
and to maintain the honor of Japan and protect reputation of Japanese people
against unfair disdain.

 The urgent task of the moment is removal of a comfort woman statue installed
in the city of Glendale, near Los Angeles, while refuting the underlying false belief 
on “military comfort women.”   
Organization The GAHT is a global organization based in Tokyo and Santa Monica (California, the U.S.).

 In Japan, GAHT has been approved by the Metropolitan Government of Tokyo, 
 and the one in the United States was approved by the State of California as an independent non-profit
 organization in February 2014.
 In July 2018 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of U.N granted granted Special Consultative Status
 to "GAHT-US Corporation”

 The main activities of these organization include raising awareness on historical events based on facts 
through publishing books and articles, lectures, and broadcast. These two corporations complement 
and cooperate with each other to achieve the goal. Current Board members are as follows:

GAHT-US Corporation(January 1 through December 31, 2017)
Chair of the Board: Koichi Mera
Deputy Chair of the Board: Genki Fujii
Secretary & Board Member: Mitsuo Takahashi
Treasurer & Board Member: 
Public Relations & Board Member: Kiyoshi Hosoya

Chair of Board: Hideaki Kase
Representative & Board Member: Genki Fujii
Co-Representative & Board Member: Koichi Mera
Deputy Representative & Board Member: Kiyoshi Hosoya
Auditor:Hiroshi Horino
Board Member: Mitsuo Takahashi
Board Member: Yumiko Yamamoto
Board Member: Miyuki Noguchi
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