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(歴史の真実を求める世界連合会 日本語公式HPリンク)

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Have historical understanding based on the correct facts For the future of our children To protect the honor of Japan Restore the right state of Japan The Global Alliance for Historical Truth (GAHT)
Announcement GAHT submitted a witten statement on the comfort women issue to the UN Human Rights Council in February: GAHT Written Statement submitted to U.N. HRC
Dr. Mera remarked the GAHT's statement at UN HRC meeting on March 13. UN Web video Link (His remark begins in 2hours and 25 minutes.) -------------------------------- Special Consultative Status Granted to GAHT-US Corporation On July, 2018 the NGO Branch of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) informed that “GAHT-US Corporation” was granted Special Consultative Status.> The status’s privileges and benefits are, according to the ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31, adopted on July 25, 1996: - Consultative status allows GAHT to be informed about the provisional agenda of ECOSOC - GAHT is allowed to attend at meetings and to access to the U.N. of New York, Geneva, and Vienna - GAHT is allowed to submit written statements relevant to the work of the ECOSOC on subjects in which GAHT has a special competence. - GAHT is allowed to make oral presentations at ECOSOC, as well as the items on which GAHT should be heard - Commissions and other subsidiary bodies of ECOSOC may consult with GAHT, and such consultations may be arranged at the request of GAHT. - A commission of ECOSOC may recommend that GAHT undertakes studies or investigations, or prepare papers for the commission - GAHT shall be able to consult officers of the appropriate offices of Secretariat on matters of mutual interest or concern. Such consultation shall be at the request of GAHT or the Secretary-General - The Secretary-General may request GAHT to carry out studies or prepare papers - The Secretary-General is authorized to offer U.N. facilities to GAHT, including: ・accommodation for conferences or smaller meetings related to the work of ECOSOC, as available ・appropriate seating arrangements and facilities for obtaining documents during public meetings of the General Assembly that deal with matters in the economic and social and related fields  ・arrangement of informal discussions on matters of special interest to groups or organizations  ・access to United Nations press documentation services  ・prompt and efficient distribution of documents related to ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies as the Secretary-General deems appropriate ・use of United Nations libraries ---------------------------- inserted by FC2 system